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Do you find it hard to choose gifts for your friends? If you do – welcome to the club! I love sewing and I have many sewing friends. Picking best gifts for sewers can be a daunting mission while choosing gifts for my other friends can turn into a nightmare. Don’t get me wrong here, I love giving presents, it just happens that I overthink it trying to find the perfect one.

Gift giving has a long tradition. It’s been an important part of our culture since the dawn of civilization. Exchanging presents is so deeply engraved in our interactions that it attracts psychologists, anthropologists, and other scientists to study and analyze this behavior. While most of us love both giving and receiving presents, it seems like there are more and more occasions that require gift-giving each year. Or it is just me and my problem to choose a proper gift for everyone and every occasion. Anyway, if you are a bit indecisive and overwhelmed with the vast ocean of offers, I have decided to create a list to help you choose some great gifts for your sewing friends.


Coffee Mug for Sewing

A mug is a one of a great gifts for sewers in general. Nowadays, you can find all kinds of funny, themed, printed mugs to match any occasion or person. Most of us like either coffee or tea. So, a mug to take a sip of hot beverage while sewing is a nice present.

Actually, I have two favorite mugs that I use everywhere. I take them with me even on my holiday trips. And both are gifts from my friends. You have countless options to choose from to reflect on sewing and personality of your friend. Here are some great ideas:

T-Shirt for Sewers

All I have said about coffee mugs applies to T-shirts as well. Everybody has T-shirts. T-shirts with funny prints are cute and adorable. If you don’t have one with some crazy sewing message, you should get one for yourself, too.

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Sewing Room Decorations

When it comes to gifts, I thank God for the internet. If your closest gift shop doesn’t have a design you are looking for, you can find whatever you can think of on the internet. Sewing room decorations and furniture can add some charm and personality into your friend’s sewing space. You can choose funny signs, vintage items, sewing-themed wall clock or whatever you like as gifts for sewers. Just make sure that it’s not bulky so it doesn’t get in the way if your friend has a small sewing space.

Sewing Books

Sewing guides and books are also convenient. You can find books and guides to match any skill level. Sewers always want to improve and take on some new challenges. It is just that sometimes we don’t have enough time, or just forget about some great ideas for new projects.

A book or guide will provide faster improvement and new creative ideas. However, you should know your friend well to make a proper choice. Otherwise, your book can end up collecting dust in some corner of your friend’s house.


Fabric is the most obvious choice, isn’t it? While it may seem to be too simple, it is a great choice as one of gifts for sewers. Think about it: I’ve never met a sewer that has enough fabric. It doesn’t matter how much fabric you have, it is never enough!

Even if your friend has a large stash a new fabric is always a source of joy. Look for prints that you know he or she likes or anything to inspire a new project.

Sewing Clips

I love sewing clips. They match all the criteria to make a great gift. They are convenient because they are easier to grab than pins. You can’t poke your finger and you can use them for a variety of projects and crafts. They come in different sizes and colors which makes them helpful and cheerful. So, it’s a simple but effective gift.

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Flat Head Pins

This is actually an alternative for sewing clips when you know that your friend prefers pins. Flat flower head pins are both beautiful and useful. Your friend can use them for sewing, quilting, DIY projects, and more. Just make sure you buy the kind that won’t melt. The whole idea of flat pins is that you can iron over them.

To make it even better, purchase a magnetic pincushion to complete the gift. It will allow a better organization and your friend won’t lose pins as easily.

Sewing Kit

A sewing kit is another obvious choice but it is not for every sewer. Chances are that your friend has at least some of the tools from the kit. But, if your friend has trouble finding tools that are scattered around, a new sewing kit can be a perfect gift.

It is everything you will ever need, neatly packed and easily available. So, you’ll bring some laughter along with a present, but it is a convenient gift as well.

Sewing Scissors

This is not an obvious choice, because we assume that every sewer has a pair of scissors, already. Well, I disagree. Yes, your friend most certainly has a pair of scissors, but sewers use scissors a lot and they become dull over time. And we are usually lazy to sharpen or replace them. So, a great new pair of scissors will be welcomed.

Thread Rack

Have you ever searched for a spool of the right color only to find out that you have several spools with the same shade? A thread rack is a perfect solution to organize your spools. So, if your friend doesn’t have one it’s a great gift. There are models to be put on the table or hung on the wall. Anyway, it will make sewing easier for your friend.

Specialty Presser Feet

This gift is great but it’s only for your bestie. Well, not really, but the point is that you should know which presser feet your friend owns. Specialty feet can really be a special gift to boost creativity and allow more options for your sewing friend.

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Sewers

When I started making this list I came up with more than 30 ideas in a couple of minutes. Still, I decided to cut it down because too many suggestions can be overwhelming and confusing more than helpful.

Anyway, any gift from the heart is a good gift. So, you have so many options to choose from but don’t overthink it. Even though I always do.