For someone looking to buy the best sewing machine for the first time, it can certainly be an overwhelming and intimidating experience. Choosing the right tool can be a hard decision. Like sewers themselves, every sewing machine has different capabilities. It’s important to do some research to figure out which machine is best for you. Even experienced sewers will want to do some research, as every machine has a different specialty, and you’ll want to know which is best for the kind of sewing you like to do.

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What’s The Best Sewing Machine

Below, you will find reviews and descriptions of the 10 Best Sewing Machines for home use. These stories will hopefully take away some of the intimidation and help you figure out which sewing machine brands is the best for you and your future projects. There are several different types of machines on this list, giving you a whole range of machines to choose from. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find one that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Things to Consider Before You Buy the Best Sewing Machine

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Brother cs6000i 60-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with Wide Table – Best Sewing Machine For Home Use

If you’re looking for a sewing machine and don’t know where to start, the Brother CS6000i might be just the place. The machine itself is extremely lightweight, and the setup is easy—an instruction manual is provided to take you through the entire process.

This machine comes with a ton of accessories including several different feet, needles, bobbins, and much more. There is even a handy compartment to store all these accessories, located on the arm of the machine. On top of it all, the CS6000i is easy to use, providing easy threading and a “Jam-resistant Quick-set top drop-in bobbin.”

This machine could be an excellent choice for both beginning and experienced sewers who are looking to work on a wide variety of projects, as the settings can be adjusted easily to suit your project. Those who wish to sew without using a foot pedal might also find the Brother CS6000i to be a useful machine—there’s a start/stop button that allows the machine to be used without the foot controls.

There are occasionally tension issues with this machine, but the tension settings can be adjusted so it may take some messing around with it to get the tension just right.  Read the full review here 

  • Easy threading and setup
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with lots of accessories
  • Can be used without foot controls
  • Great price
  • Prone to tension issues
  • Bobbins need to be wound in a specific way or the machine can be a little finicky

Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing & 4x4 Embroidery Machine Brand New
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Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing & Embroidery Machine – Great for Embroidery

You know, Brother is a good sewing machine brand this best embroidery machine provides opportunities for those that want a more traditional sewing experience and those that may want to try something completely different. It can be used for sewing, quilting, embroidery, and more. And it’s a cheap sewing machine for beginners!

The Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4 x 4 Embroidery Machine With 67 Built-in Stitches, 70 Built-in Designs, 5 Lettering Fonts comes with a wealth of built-in embroidery designs, including five different lettering fonts. The embroidering capabilities of this machine make it unique among others, and even users with little to no embroidery experience can use it with ease.

The unique and exciting feature about this device is that it has computer connectivity, which can be used to download embroidery patterns from the internet and use them quickly and easily. The possibilities are endless with this machine, as there are many sites that offer embroidery patterns—both free and available for purchase. The computer connectivity also allows the machine to be updated quickly in the future.

Though this machine has many different capabilities, it does have a tendency to have an issue with broken needles. The price is relatively low as far as embroidery machines are concerned, but this also means that the machine itself is made more cheaply than others, and there is a higher likelihood it will break after a short time of use. Read the full review here 

  • Decent sized embroidery area (4 x 4”)
  • Automatic threader and thread cutter
  • Computer connectivity
  • Price is good for beginners
  • Those looking to do larger embroidery projects will need to invest in a larger size hoop
  • As moving the fabric and lining it up can be tedious

Brother SE400 Vs SE425 – Ultimate Comparison

The SINGER® STYLIST™ 7258 sewing machine
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SINGER 7258 Sewing Machine – Best Beginner Sewing Machine

The first impression you get when looking at this machine is that it seems very friendly. The sleek white design and bright blue accent make it instantly eye-catching. The design and controls are simple, which means that this machine is easy to use for both those that have been sewing for years and those that are just learning.

The SINGER 7258 is a very beginner-friendly machine, as it comes with an automatic needle threader (which even experienced sewers will find useful!) as well as a LED display screen that features automatic stitch length and width. This machine also features a drop-in bobbin system as well as easily adjustable settings. The machine also comes with an instructional DVD which could be a very helpful visual aid in learning to use this machine.

A unique and useful feature about this machine is the fact that there’s an electronic “auto-pilot” mode—this means users can sew without using the foot pedal, while still adjusting the speeds. Beginners will enjoy that there is a setting to change the maximum speed, so it’s easy to keep the speed low while you’re still learning the subtleties of using the foot pedal control system.

There are 100 stitch patterns built into the machine, allowing for a whole world of creative projects. These stitches are displayed on the side of the machine, so they’re convenient to see and reference while using the machine. Read the full review here 

  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Clear top allows you to see how full the bobbin is
  • Affordable
  • Best low price machine

SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed Sewing Machine
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SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine – Best Semi-Professional Sewing Machine

Professional Speed at an Affordable Price

If you’re looking for a sewing machine that can handle more heavy duty fabrics, then the SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed Sewing Machine with Metal Frame and Stainless Steel Bedplate might be the machine for you. It can handle heavier fabrics such as vinyl and denim, and it does also feature a sturdy metal frame. The heavy duty capabilities of this machine are complimented by the industrial-inspired appearance and metal features.

The main selling point of this machine, however, is the speed. Capable of handling 1,100 stitches per minute, this machine could be a good choice for those that prefer to work a little more quickly.

The high speed of this machine could potentially be difficult for a beginner to get the hang of, but it does come with an instruction manual for ease of use. The machine comes with 11 built-in stitches, including an automatic 4-step buttonhole, as well as an automatic needle threader. Speed is the name of the game with this machine, and many of the features are intended to help you save time while still making your projects look and feel professional. Read the full review here 

  • High speed
  • Automatic threader
  • Suitable for heavy duty fabrics
  • Instruction manual can be complicated
  • Could be difficult to use if you don’t have previous sewing experience

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Singer 3232 Sewing Machine – A Good First Choice

The Best Simple Machine For Beginner And For Kids

If you’re a beginner sewer looking for a machine that is simple and easy to use, this might be just the machine for you. The SINGER 3232 features an automatic needle threader, which is always a timesaver.

This machine also features 32 built-in stitches including essential stitches, stretch stitches, decorative stitches, and a buttonhole. It’s also made with a metal frame, which helps keep the machine durable.

This machine could be perfect for the beginner sewer, and children and adults alike can learn to sew on this easy to use a machine. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, which could make this a good choice for those that want to learn to sew but are not quite sure where to start.

It’s an affordable machine, but this also means that some of the parts may be more likely to need repairs after a shorter amount of time. However, for those that only sew occasionally, this may never become an issue. This machine could be ideal for those who use sewing machines for the occasional pants hem or a simple repair, but it could also be used for a variety of more complicated projects. Read the full review here 

  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Instructions are very clear
  • Affordable
  • Does not have a drop-in bobbin

Brother XR9500PRW Sewing Machine
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Brother XR9500PRW Sewing Machine – Good All Around Machine for Simple Projects

Like many others fine sewing machine brands, this brother item features 100 built-in stitches including decorative, heirloom, and super-wide zigzag and decorative stitches. These stitch types are conveniently displayed right on the side of the machine, so they’re easy to reference while adjusting the machine during projects. This machine also comes with a built-in font for basic sewing monograms as well as an easy to use drop-in bobbin system.

Best All-around Machine At An Affordable Price

The features of this Brother machine make it easy to use for beginners as well as those that have a little more sewing experience, and the affordable price makes it accessible to those on all levels. There is also a digital display screen which has a convenient feature that will help indicate which foot to use while sewing. Setup and use are easy, which could make this machine ideal for beginners.

This Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Limited Edition Sewing Machine also comes with an extra-wide table, which could be very helpful for those that are undertaking larger projects (such as quilting) than some other machines may be able to handle.  Read the full review here 

  • Easy to use and setup
  • Many built-in stitches
  • Quiet while using
  • Good for basic projects
  • Lightweight – does not stay in place well while sewing
  • Cover does not lock on so it cannot be used as a carrying case

Michley LSS-505 Lil' Sew & Sew Multi-Purpose Sewing Machine
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Michley LSS-505 Sewing Machine – Great for Sewing On The Go

If you often find you need to take your sewing on the road or make small adjustments (convention costumes, anyone?), the Michley LSS-505 Lil’ Sew & Sew Multi-Purpose Sewing Machine with Built-In Stitches Sew might just be the perfect machine for you. It’s extremely compact (the base is only 10 4/5 x 4 4/5 inches!), and that means it’s easy to take with you anywhere you need to.

This little machine is affordable too, which means it’s an ideal traveling companion. The Lil’ Sew features eight built-in stitch patterns as well as two-speed settings and double thread capabilities. This machine can be used by expert sewers who need something to take on the go or beginning sewers who are just looking for something a little bit smaller.

Best Small Sewing Machine

The small size and affordable price can make this machine a good candidate for someone who is looking to get a sewing machine for the first time and doesn’t want to spend the money on a more expensive machine while they are still learning.

The size of this machine also means it could be a perfect gift for a child who is interested in learning to sew. A larger machine could be harder for a child to use, but the small size and simplicity of this machine makes it ideal for children’s smaller hands.  Read the full review here 

  • Good for traveling
  • Good size for children
  • Easy to use for those that are just learning to sew
  • Lightweight
  • Stitch length cannot be adjusted
  • Tension can be a little finicky
  • A little on the cheaper side

Janome 3128 Sewing Machine FREE BONUS Included
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Janome 3128 Sewing Machine – Good, Simple Machine Without Breaking the Bank

This machine comes as part of a bundle with three packs of size 12 needles, which could be a helpful addition for anyone who is purchasing a sewing machine for the first time.

Best Sewing Machine With Overlock Stitch

The Janome 3128 has 8 built in stitch patterns as well as a buttonhole. Both the length and width of these stitches can be adjusted, allowing for a lot of different possibilities.

The simplicity of this machine means it could potentially be a good candidate for beginning sewers. Though the number of built-in stitches may seem low in comparison to other machines, this might be ideal for beginners because it could make it easier to get the hang of the basics and become more familiar with some of the more basic stitch patterns. The simplicity of this machine is reflected in the price, and therefore this could be a good choice for those just learning to sew.
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Sleek design
  • Affordable price
  • Made of plastic
  • Dial pattern selection may not be as user-friendly for beginning sewers

HAITRAL Sewing Machine Mini
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HAITRAL Mini Sewing Machine – Portable Machine at a Very Cheap Price

This machine has a delightful and playful appearance, featuring a white and purple design as well as a compact size.

The HAITRAL Machine is very small and therefore also very portable, and can be used for fabrics that are both lighter and more heavy duty (such as denim). It features two different speeds as well as double thread. The drop-in bobbin means that the threading is easy, which could be beneficial to beginners and more experienced sewers—as threading is often one of the more frustrating parts of sewing, and it can be very time consuming if you don’t have a lot of practice.

Best Inexpensive Sewing Machine

The machine itself is very basic and features a clear instruction manual, so new users will be able to get sewing right away.

This machine is also one of the more inexpensive machines, which might be appealing to those who are looking to learn how to sew on a budget. However, this also means that the machine is not made of the most reliable materials. An inexpensive machine is a good place to start but could be problematic for long-term use.

  • Portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Very basic
  • Instruction manual is clear and easy to understand
  • limited capabilities due to the small size
  • Very simple

Amado Portable Sewing Machine
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Amado Portable Sewing Machine – Small But Mighty

This machine may be small, but it has a surprising amount of capabilities. It features bobbin rewind, which is not often present on smaller machines, as well as food pedal and push-button capabilities. This machine is also capable of working on a wide range of materials, making it a great possible candidate for many different project types.

The portable size, as well as push-button capabilities, mean that the Amado Portable Machine could be a perfect machine for those that are looking to sew on the go— as you wouldn’t need nearly as much room to set up as you would with a larger machine or one that required the foot pedal. This could be an ideal situation for those who need to make quick repairs while not at home—for costumes and more.

This small machine might also be ideal for the occasional sewer who needs a machine for making small fixes every now and again. It is only capable of doing simple stitches which are ideal for the occasional fix but not recommended for larger, more detailed projects.

  • Easy setup
  • Push button start/stop
  • Good for traveling or small projects
  • Simple stitches make more detailed projects more difficult

Best Sewing Machines – Buyer’s Guide and Review

Frequently Asked Questions When Buying A Sewing Machine:

Which machine will work best for my projects?

An important thing to consider when looking for a sewing machine is what you’ll be using it for. Different machines have different specialties, so it’s worth it to find a machine that will work best for the type of sewing you do. Some machines are intended for small projects, some of the large projects, and some for embroidery. This can help narrow down your search and find the machine that’s perfect for you.

Should I buy a machine that comes with any accessories?

Some sewing machines do come with additional accessories, and this may be a factor in whether or not you’d like to purchase that particular device. A more experienced sewer might not be as interested in additional accessories if many of them are things they already have. A beginning sewer, however, might want to consider buying a machine that does come with some accessories as it can help you know where to start if you’re not sure.

How much should I spend on a sewing machine?

A budget can be an important factor in choosing a sewing machine. An inexpensive sewing machine can be as good as a pricier one.

Machines come in a range of prices, and it’s easy to find one to fit both your sewing needs and your budget.

Why should you choose to use us for all your sewing needs?

Simple. We have some of the most experienced craftswomen on the planet to write, consult, and create from all different parts of the world on different sewing techniques, equipment, and creative ideas.

Where is the best place to purchase a sewing machine that will fit my needs?

Here  we want our visitors to come here for not just an inside look on some great products, but so that we can educate you on what you need to look for, do, and value when your shopping a sewing machine. Sewing can get rather complicated, but we don’t want that to stray anyone away! We are here to help.

What is the difference between an electric sewing machine and a computerized one?

An electric sewing machine does use electricity to allow it to run, and it is operated by how had you press on its foot pedal, much like your car. Where a computerized sewing machine is more advanced having preset settings programmed into it for different types of sewn projects you need.

How do I keep my sewing machine safe from children?

Some machines will come with a safety lock on them, or their feed dog will have the position of the needs fixed so that it only moves

Why should I learn how to sew?

That’s easy! If you can learn a craft or skill like sewing you are opening up the possibilities in your life through this helpful and resourceful tool. Repair ripped clothes you spent your hard work money on, make your own clothing, create quilts for comfort or keepsakes, or just experiment with a bunch of different materials to make your own personalize sewn collection.

How can I prevent my machine from breaking?

Don’t ever pull away with a lot of force, keep your sewing machine stored in a compact space, and place it on a level surface where it won’t get knocked over. Sewing Machines are durable and long lasting machines, but if you abuse them they will being to fall apart over time.

How do I sew jeans and other thick and heavy fabrics?

It is all in the size of the needle when your dealing with rough and thick material such as denim. Use a size 16 or 18 needle to ensure that it can full penetrate your denim materials and make a thoroughly deep sew that will last.

Why is my thread bunching up so badly?

More than likely your thread has lost its tension. Without a resistance on the thread the sewing machine send in loose thread which reduces your accuracy and quality of sew. Stop your machine and lift your foot off the petal. Hold your spool end of you thread tightly and guide the older end of your threat back through your guide. Pull it out tight enough that you press back down on the petal the guide will grab it tight.

Do Sewing machines need oil?

Depends on the model, most new models that we come across do not require you to add any lubricants to them. But older machines that are work purely on mechanical energy require lubrication in the proper locations to continue to operate efficiently. Refer to your owners manual on whether they recommend a “tune up” and if they do it will show where on your machine that you should add the lubricant as well as which type of oil.

What types of thread should I use?

For the majority of your household sewing machines and projects you will find all purpose thread at any of your online or local stores. You can use heavier threads as well just remember that this alter the tension of your machine. Cotton threads are most common when you are sewing a quilt.

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There are many different sewing machines on the market, and that can feel overwhelming at times, but with a little reading and research, you can find the machine that’s best for you. The research itself can be overwhelming if you’re not that familiar with sewing machines, so this list goes over a wide range of machines. If you’re a beginner looking for a starter machine, an experienced sewer with a higher budget, or someone looking to find the best machine for traveling, this list is a great place to start.

As technology grows, so do sewing machines, and many of the machines on today’s market are capable of things that will help even the most advanced sewer get even better. Hopefully after reading this list of the 10 Best Sewing Machines you’ve found a sewing machine that catches your eye and will be perfect for all your upcoming projects. Sew on!

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