From what may be the best brand in the world of sewing machines, Brother has this terrific computerized model sewing machine. This machine is made for the more advanced users that are going to want to quilt and exercise their creative styles. Its computerized digital display allows you to easily select from some of its great presets, and features.

Beneficial Features

  • Large Workspace designed for you to have full accsess to your stitching point and is larger than 33% of any other machines workspace that you will find. Which will accommodate your large projects such as formal clothing, costumes, and of course quilting.
  • LCD Display for clear and easy to use functions that you can select from by simply pushing a few buttons
  • Accessories—Interchangeable Feet that make you bring your custom designs to life with a collection that consists of:
    – A Stitch Guide
    – A ¾ in. Piecing
    – Walking Foot and Quilting Guide
    – Quilting Foot
    – Monogramming Petal
    – Blind Stitch
    – Overcasting
    – Button Sewing
    – Buttonhole
    – Zig Zag
  • Stitch Selection and Adjustment that you can select from your LCD display to adjust your length, width, and give you an easy to read display. You have about 185 selections to choose from:
    – Different Buttonhole Styles for lightweight, medium and heavy fabrics
    – Built in sewing font for basic monogramming
    – Choose from overcast or zig zag stitches that will help prevent fraying at the seams
    – Blind Hemstitch to create invisible hems for your sleeves, skirts, and other projects.

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Our Experience


  • Click the photo to see the Price on Amazon
  • Produced high quality seams that never stretched or puckered after we applied them
  • Lightweight made it easily portable to move around
  • LCD display screen is well lit which makes it easier to read
  • Can be switched from manual to automatic with the foot pedal
  • Presser foot pressure is adjustable
  • The up and down needle positioner saved us a lot of time
  • Stitch selection was so easy with the button selections.

Minor Disadvantages

  • Thread spool isn’t as sturdy as we would have liked it
  • May be difficult for some beginners to master some of the features, but anyone is capable
  • No USB connection for you to hook up to your computer like other models that are computerized

This sewing machine is an absolutely terrific machine, with a wide range of features to meet any sewer skill level. It is easy to see why it is one of the best selling sewing machines on the market, and it can be the perfect one for any body that is serious about taking their sewing to the next level!