Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween costume ideas, it’s never too early to start thinking, planning, and getting crafty!

Most holidays are special in their own way, but Halloween stands out more than the others. You’re not convinced? Well, just think about it. It’s the only holiday where you can act silly, crazy, and ridiculous and no one will hold it against you. It is equally fun for all ages and all family members can get spooky and wild. You can even dress up your pets and no one will say you are silly or crazy. 

Spooktacular costumes, apple bobbing game, bonfires, jack-o’-lanterns, trick-or-treating, just pick what you like. Or enjoy it all. Halloween costumes ideas are usually related to supernatural monsters, but the range is getting broader each year. So, you can find inspiration for your Halloween costumes in a wide array of folk tales, movies, or you can invent your own monster.

However, it’s not a meager investment. Americans spend astonishing $3.5 billion on Halloween costumes, pet costumes included. Speaking of pet costumes, we spend around $500 million to make our pets look spooky. So, maybe you don’t want to splash a lot of money on a costume that will be used once or a couple of times at best.

Sewing your own costume seems like a good idea. You will feel pride and joy when you get it done and you’ll save some money. But, sewing a costume takes time. It’s a precious commodity these days. Elaborate and complicated projects can easily take more than 100 working hours. Multiply that with the number of your family members and you’re stuck behind your sewing machine for a long, long time. That’s why we decided to create a list of super-fast yet effective Halloween costumes to sew at home.

20 Best (and Fastest) Halloween Costume Sewing Ideas

1. Monster Face Mask from TheDarkerBoutique

best sewing ideas for halloween
Photo by TheDarkerBoutique (Etsy)

Okay, we’re being a bit too obvious! But with this fall’s social distancing that’s probably going to affect the trick-and-treat ceremony too, you should definitely get quite a few face masks for a complete look (and safety).

You can buy these on Etsy if you like, or you can just sew a simple face mask as in the video tutorial below, and tinker with applique to make it Halloween-y!

2. Halloween Baby Costume from ProjectNursery

best sewing ideas for halloween
Photo by ProjectNursery.com

While babies probably can’t appreciate the fun and excitement that comes with Halloween events, creating a special costume for little ones can be cute and hilarious.

Of course, we don’t want to disturb our babies just to show off our creativity. This costume is actually a comfortable and typical onesie. You just need to add a couple of details to make it adorable and appropriate for Halloween. Furthermore, you can choose skeleton, jack-o’-lantern or ghost template and you’ll get a cuteness overload. You can get the whole project here!

3. Gingham Witch Costume for a Little Girl from CountryLiving

best sewing ideas for halloween
Photo by CountryLiving.com

Personally, I find the combination of cute and creepy especially adorable. Kids are cute and when they wear spooky outfits it’s just hilarious. This simple and easy-to-make witch costume is simply bewitching! With a little bit of makeup and a broomstick, your little princess will be ready to spell some casts. You can find a quick tutorial here.

4. Black Cat Halloween Costume for Girls from CountryLiving

best sewing ideas for halloween
Photo by CountryLiving.com

If you want a costume that isn’t spooky but fits the occasion, this one might be the one for you. Well, not for you but for your little girl.

Fortunately, today no one believes that black cats bring bad luck. And a little girl wearing a black cat costume can only be a lucky charm. It’s a super-fast idea to create a great costume in no time. Get the tutorial.

5. Yoda Costume for Your Toddler from AndreasNotebook

best sewing ideas for halloween
Photo by AndreasNotebook.com

Maybe it’s not really a Halloween themed costume, but it’s attractive and super cute. After all, Yoda is a supernatural being, which is the first requirement for a Halloween costume. With all of the monsters around, maybe it’s a good idea to have someone on the “light side” to balance the Force. You can find this tutorial here.

6. Scarecrow Tutu Costume from DesignerTrapped

best halloween sewing ideas
Photo by DesignerTrapped.com

When I was a kid, I was so scared of scarecrows. One of the great things about Halloween is that you can use it to teach your kids not to be scared of scary creatures. Once they relate monsters to Halloween fun, they will lose their fear.

Anyway, this beautiful costume doesn’t appear to be very simple, but it is. It can be a great choice for adults as well. See the project with photos here.

7. Bat Costume for Kids from AlphaMom

best sewing ideas for halloween
Photo by AlphaMom.com

This is a costume for both boys and girls, although it is likely that the boys will prefer it. It’s a simple and beautiful last-minute solution for the Halloween costume. It’s actually a converting project. You need a long-sleeved black t-shirt and’ sunglasses for children to get started. You can find a full project and patterns here.

8. Dwarf & Gnome Costume from AndreasNotebook

halloween costume ideas for sewing
Photo by AndreasNotebook.com

For some reason kids love dwarfs. This adorable dwarf costume looks great and it’s a piece of cake to make it. I love this one particularly because it can be used on many occasions. You can adapt it easily to become a Peter Pan or fairy costume. You can find instructions on how to make it here.

9. Candy Corn Costume from DukesAndDuchesses

best halloween costume ideas for sewing
Photo by DukesAndDuchesses.com

Candy corn is one of the oldest American candy, created in 1880. Of course, I am talking about branded industrial candy. Historically, it is the most popular Halloween candy. While there are some serious debates about the taste of candy corn, a kid in a candy corn costume is nothing less than super cute. It is also a super fast and easy project. You can find it here.

10. Jack-O-Lantern Kid Costume from Gina-Michele

best sewing ideas for halloween
Photo by Gina-Michele.com

I almost forgot the most recognizable Halloween symbol. You’ll probably have a bunch of jack-o-lantern decorations for Halloween. But, I promise you, your kid in jack-o-lantern costume will outshine them all.

This costume is a great idea for beginners because it’s very easy to sew. It’s a great last-minute choice as well if you’re running late with the preparation. Get the tutorial.

11. Troll Costume from FleeceFun

halloween costume ideas for sewing
Photo by FleeceFun.com

This project is not the fastest in this list, but it’s absolutely adorable!

It is inspired by animated movie Trolls. Kids love colorful and fantastic creatures, and that’s exactly how your kid will look wearing this costume. You can find instructions and free pattern here.

12. Minnie Mouse Costume from IAmStyle-Ish

best sewing ideas for halloween
Photo by IAmStyle-ish.com

This is a great costume for both girls and their moms. It is pretty simple to make, but it is effective and beautiful. You can use some clothes that you already have and with a couple of additional pieces, you’ll get a great costume in no time. See the full tutorial here.

13. Lily Munster Costume from GraveRobberGirl

best sewing ideas for halloween
Photo by GraveRobberGirl.blogspot.com

How about Lily Munster costume for Halloween party? She is a character from the gothic TV show The Munsters. You will be noticed in this costume for sure.

If you’re short on time, you can settle on a dress. With a couple of additional details and makeup, it will be a great costume. If you have some spare time, the addition of the cloak can make it even more effective. Read instructions here.

14. Ghost Costume from MerMag

halloween costume ideas for sewing
Photo by MerMag.blogspot.com

Small things make a big difference! This incredibly simple last-minute costume is also incredibly effective. Basically, it is a hooded white cloak. But it looks so airy and ghostly! It’s extremely affordable and easy to sew. So, if you’re running out of time it’s a great solution. Here’s the tutorial.

15. Corpse Bride Costume from StarsAndField

best sewing ideas for halloween
Photo by StarsAndField.com

Do you want an even spookier costume? No problem. This Corpse Bride costume will make an impression for sure. Get your wedding dress out of the closet and with a few alterations, accessories, and makeup, you’ll get the ultimate Halloween-ish appearance. Check it out here.

16. Unicorn Costumes for Mom and Daughter from IAmStyle-ish

best sewing ideas for halloween
Photo by IAmStyle-ish.com

Let’s move on to some brighter costumes. They don’t necessarily need to be spooky. Kids adore unicorns, but mom and daughter unicorns? It doesn’t get any cuter than that. Anyway, this is another quick and easy project. You can use white or even pink fabric to be even showier. Get full instructions and the tutorial here.

17. Poison Ivy Costume from CollegeFashion

best sewing ideas for halloween
Photo by CollegeFashion.net

This supervillainess is a great inspiration for the Halloween costume. It’s a remarkable costume, but it’s very easy to make.

You do need a green dress to start with, though. Sewing a couple of leaves and flowers will make all the difference to get that unique Poison Ivy appearance. See the whole project here.

18. Vampire Cape Unisex Costume from SoSewEasy

halloween costume ideas for sewing
Photo by So-Sew-Easy.com

Vampires never go out of fashion. Vampires are often sleek, elegant, and stylish monsters. So, you or your kid or your entire family can look sharp, but ominous at the same time. You can even make one for your dog!

To minimize the expenses, use some of the clothes that you already have. Add some pale makeup and vampire teeth to get an impressive and natural vampire-look. Read the tutorial and get the pattern here.

19. Monsters Cereals Costumes from StudioDIY

best sewing ideas for halloween
Photo by StudioDIY.com

Only for Halloween, you can be cute, funny, and monstrous at the same time! You can choose your favorite monster (or cereals) or you can create all of them for your family. These costumes are colorful, fun, and impressive. And you can create them in no time. You can find detailed instructions here.

20. Fred and Wilma Flintstone Costumes from AnngelasPrettyLittleThings

best sewing ideas for halloween
Photo by AnngelasPrettyLittleThings.blogspot.com

Fred and Wilma are no monsters, but this is a nice idea for Halloween. Fred’s orange robe will match up with pumpkins perfectly. This adorable Stone age family is still very popular, so These costumes will be a hit for sure. Get the project here and practice that “Yabba Dabba Doo” catchphrase!


Kids love to dress up and pretend that they are someone else. Imaginary play is not only fun but also beneficial for our little ones. It seems like it’s pretty appealing for adults as well. We like it so much that over time, costumes have become a major aspect of Halloween.

Some people are ready to splash a lot of money to make an impression for Halloween. Maybe I’m a little bit old-fashioned, but I still prefer to create my own costume. And it’s not just about saving money, it’s more about being proud of making something with my own hands (or, to be honest, my sewing machine). 

Anyway, I hope that these last-minute ideas are helpful. Whether you make your costumes or purchase them, the most important thing is to enjoy the holiday and have fun.