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The Janome 2212 is a budget-friendly sewing machine designed to help you enjoy the numerous benefits of home sewing without exceeding your budget. Entirely mechanical, this machine is very easy to navigate through, which is why it’s so commonly used by beginners. It’s also quite lightweight, ensuring that you can carry it back and forth to sewing class. In spite of its lightweight feature, however, this particular piece of sewing equipment remains entirely stable.

As it is a mechanical model, the Janome 2212 doesn’t come with as many stitch designs as the similarly-priced Brother XR9500PRW (which is computerized). However, it has an exceptionally strong built- which means that it can easily last for life provided that it’s regularly maintained and cared for. Boasting of features such as drop feed and free arm, the machine also comes with different types of accessories to facilitate your sewing and enable you to complete your project in just a few days. It does not include an oversized table, which can make it problematic for some users to work with larger fabrics for quilting. However, most users found that they were still able to work with wide expanses of fabrics by placing the machine on a wider workspace or by folding the fabric.

In spite of its multitude of positive reviews, this particular model does have a few drawbacks. For example, one user complained about the fact that it only has 12 stitch functions. This can also be quite problematic for experienced users because they are normally used to having over 50 kinds of stitches. A few other customers also had some issues with the tension and found that the tension settings were quite uneven at times. However, for the most part users were satisfied with this model.

Doyousew Recommendation Level : HIGH

The Janome 2212 weighs around 16 pounds and measures 17 x 9 x 13.5 inches. By this token, the apparatus is quite compact and can fit on any standard table. More importantly, it is lightweight and portable, which means that you can move it back and forth from your home to your sewing class. To make it even easier for you to carry it around, customers will also receive a hard shell carrying case with a handle.

Contrary to popular belief, its lightweight structure does not prevent you from using the machine with delicate fabrics.

Ease of Use

To make it even easier to use, this machine sports a mechanical structure, which means that new sewers won’t have to try and find their way around more complicated computerized features. In fact, most experts recommend that beginners should start with a mechanical model before moving on to a computerized one.

With no less than 12 built-in stitches, the Janome 2212 boasts of an easy-switch feature which will help you navigate between the different stitch designs. Therefore, all you need to do is turn the dial until you find the stitch design that suits your project. The apparatus is also extremely easy to thread since it includes an automatic-stitch feature that takes care of this fiddly task for you. The only thing that you’ll have to do is press down on the lever and allow the machine to do all the work.

Extra Features

With the Janome 2212, users can also make the most out of additional features designed to drastically simplify your sewing process. For example, it includes a 4-step buttonhole style to help you fix shirts and buttons in no time at all. It also comes with two vertical and fully retractable spool pins as well as a push-pull bobbin winder. If you don’t want to use the hard-shell cover, you can also use the included softcover to protect your machine when not in use.

janome 2212 sewing machineThe stitches are fully adjustable, which provides you with more control over your projects. The machine does not come with a wide table, but most users claimed that they were able to successfully indulge in quilting even with the lack of space. If you like to sew at night, you will be glad to learn that this model is also equipped with an incandescent lamp which users have found to be extremely helpful, especially for longer sewing sessions.

The free arm feature is another aspect of the machine that will allow beginners to horn their sewing skills with minimal effort.


Its price, along with its ease of use and extended range of features make this machine quite a recommended purchase, which is why it’s also on our top 10 sewing machine reviews. Indeed, it comes with as many stitch designs as the popular Singer 4411, so it’s also a good alternative for a heavy duty machine.