A highly-professional sewing machine, the Janome DC2014 is worth getting. While it is undoubtedly slightly pricier than other machines, this particular model is certainly worth its price. Indeed, it is packed full with features that will allow you to finish your project as quickly as possible and with minimal effort. Since it comes with a wide range of options, it can easily be used for various options including quilting, embroidery and regular sewing. Sewers will be glad to learn that it is also sturdy and durable, which enables it to sustain quite a lot of wear and tear.

Boasting of 50 built-in stitches, this particular piece of equipment is entirely built to add some additional flair to your project. While it may not be the lightest machine on the market, it does come with a hard case that enables you to carry it just about anywhere. The exclusive Janome Superior Feed System will undoubtedly offer an unsurpassed stitch quality that can very easily rival the work provided by industrial machines. Fully computerized, the DC2014 also provides you with an ergonomic interface which makes it quite easy for you to navigate through the different functions. Users simply need to swipe their finger across the screen to access any feature of their choice. From the free arm feature to the top drop-in bobbin system, you can be sure that the DC2014 comes with everything that you’ll need for a more comfortable sewing project.

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It does, however, come with a few drawbacks to its name. For example, one person thought that it was too heavy and bulky to be moved around the house but this complaint was not taken up by other users. Another customer was displeased by the lighting system designed to illuminate the work area at night or during dimmer weathers: while most people were satisfied by the built-in light, this one customer thought that it was much too weak to be used at night.

Still, in spite of these few downsides, the Janome DC2014 does remain a highly-recommended buy and boasts of an impressive rating on most major websites.

Doyousew Recommendation Level : HIGH

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The Janome DC2014 measures 14.8” by 11” by 6.6”. This size makes it compact enough for you to set it on just about any surface- something that can be undoubtedly advantageous to home owners who live in cramped areas. In spite of its compact size, the sewing machine weighs 18.2 pounds, which can seem heavy for some users. On the plus side, however, the machine remains completely stable, even during lengthier sewing sessions. This makes it far easier for you to sew with more delicate fabrics such as gauze, silk or satin.

If you take sewing lessons, you will be glad to learn that the boxed packaging even includes a handy hard-shell carry case which makes it far easier for you to move it around. Though it’s still not as portable as the cheaper model Janome Jem Gold 660.

Ease of Use
One of the main reasons why the machine is so popular is linked to its exceptional ease of use. Indeed, this model is entirely built for ease of use. For instance, both beginners and more experienced users alike will be glad to learn that the DC2014 is handily equipped with an automatic needle threader: this ensures that you won’t need to fiddle around with this particular step anymore since all you’ll need to do is select a few options on the LCD screen and the thread will automatically be guided through the eye of the needle. By the same token, it is possible for users to adjust the tension through the touch LCD screen with minimal effort on their side.

The LED screen is bright enough to be viewed from a distance. It is framed by easy navigation keys which makes it far easier for you to find your way around the various options. The DC2014 also includes a free arm feature which largely facilitates access to hard-to-reach areas like cuffs, hems, collars, sleeves and the likes. Thanks to the LCD screen, it is even easier for users to shuffle through and select their stitch designs.

Extra Features
This particular model has a 7-piece fed dog to facilitate the sewing process while guaranteeing a professional finish. It also boasts of an easy reverse button designed to help sewers adjust their seams as required. The apparatus is even equipped with a memorized needle up and needle down function that can come in quite handy to users who want to work with larger expanses of fabrics. It has a locking stitch function as well as an extra-high presser foot lift to render your sewing experience even more comfortable. Thanks to the auto-declutch bobbin winder system as well as the top loading full rotary hook bobbin, sewers can avoid all the hassles that are normally associated with bobbin windings.

The DC2014 has a 5mm maximum stitch length and a 7mm maximum stitch width. Sewers can equally benefit from no less than 50 built-in stitches, which is a lot for a heavy duty sewing machine such as this, and more that what you’ll get with the Singer 4432 and the Janome HD3000 that you can select from the touch interface. The convertible free arm can also be used for circular sewing motions. Thanks to the superior feed system, you can also avoid snags and snares, consequently ensuring a highly professional and practically flawless finish.

If you don’t mind splurging a little more, this particular model is certainly worth the price. It is surprisingly easy to use in spite of its extended range of features and is therefore quite suited to beginners as well as veteran sewers. The machine comes with several free accessories as well as a useful owner’s manual. Lastly, the Janome DC2014 is protected by a solid 25 year warranty.