Do you love to sew? Or are you also among the ones who are in love with the idea of stitching? Well, now you can give up those dreams and start turning them into reality. You don’t need much expertise at making these things, which by the way are going to look fabulous once you complete them.

You just need a sewing machine and some threads. The cloth and other related requirements depend on the project you are choosing. You can go for peppy colors or even try to reuse the old and obsolete things at your home.

Let us see some very cute and crazy projects that you can try with your brand new sewing machine.


These are probably the easiest and most versatile creations that you can make with you sewing machines. They look great and can clean up a lot of the trash piling up at your home.

  • Take two beautiful patterned fabrics. Wash them, and then after they get dried, iron them.

  • Fold those fabrics in half so that it is easy to make rectangles of them.

  • For the pillowcase piece, cut out a folded rectangle. Thus, you get two layers.

  • For border piece, cut a folded rectangle in a smaller size.

  • Fold, iron and stitch them together.

  • Sew all the way down and there are you done!

Hanging dishtowel

This is a good alternative if you too face the problem of your dishtowels falling down every time. These can also be matched with your home theme to enhance the beauty and décor.

  • You need a dishtowel, two wide ribbons, two thin ribbons, thread and of course, sewing machine.

  • Cut the wide ribbons one-inch longer than the width of the dishtowel.

  • Now, cut the thin ribbons of length 8 inches more than the width of the towel.

  • Sew the first wide ribbon 4 inches below the top of the towel.

  • Do the same with the second wide piece from the bottom of the towel.

  • Fasten a safety pin to end of one thin piece and thread it in the wide ribbon.

  • Next, bring all the towel together and sew the thin ribbon to close the opening of the wide one.

  • Now you can put you hanging dishtowel over the oven or some other place by tying thin ribbons on each side.


These are super cute small hand warmers that you can put in your pockets to stay warm. They can be reheated and used over and over again. Plus, they can never get cuter.

  • Pick up a fat quarter of fabric that is lying around and looks cute. Using scissors, cut a pattern. You need two square pieces per handwarmer.

  • Put the wrong sides together and leave an opening at one end.

  • Fill it up with rice.

  • Secure the open end with a long pin.

  • Now trim the edges.

  • It is ready to use. Just heat in a microwave for about 20 seconds and they will provide you enough warmth.

Cute bookmarks

These bookmarks will wake up the reader in you and rejuvenate the lost soul. These are really cute and can be made in a jiffy.

  • Cut two complementary fabric pieces in your custom sizes. Place them together and stitch all around except for one end.

  • Trim the edges.

  • Cut the ribbon and insert it into the opening.

  • Stitch the top of the bookmark to secure it in there.

Coffee sleeve

If you are a coffee lover, this project is just for you. Pep up your coffee mug with these stylish coffee sleeves.

  • Sew various patterned strips together.

  • Cut them out in a curved design.

  • Fold a hair elastic and tie a small knot every one-third of the entire way. Thus, it will stay in place when you sew them together.

  • On the other end, just sew a button.

  • Now wrap it around the coffee mug, and you are good to go.

Cloth napkins

These can be used on special occasions and look very pretty with versatile designs. If you have got too many clothes with pretty prints lying around the house and have literally no clue what to do with them, cut them out and sew them together to make great looking cloth napkins.

Skirt using a men’s button down

A skirt from a leftover men’s button down doesn’t seem a bad idea, especially if the result looks great on you and comes at zero price.

  • Cut the shirt from one armpit to the other

  • Stitch it up

  • Fold about 11/2” and start to sew the ¼” length from the edge.

  • Now get an elastic shorter than your waist length.

  • Thread it through the gap

  • Sew them together and you are done!

T-shirt bag

Turning a t-shirt into a bag is one of the most efficient ways of recycling the former. Here is how you can achieve that.

  • Lay it out flat.

  • Cut out the sleeves but let the stitches remain. These make the handles strong.

  • Now, cut the neck and make a big U.

  • Turning the shirt inside out, cut off any excess material.

  • Now sew the entire bottom of the t-shirt and there you go with a funky bag.

Halter top

A halter top from a scarf is an awesome way to use that old scarf and yet look glammed up.

  • Put your scarf down in a diamond shape.

  • Sew across the edge where it forms a casing.

  • Run a cord or necklace through it that you will be tying around your neck.

  • Now you can tie that around the neck, or even sew some extra pieces to make them longer.

  • And you are done!

So these were some of the cute, crazy little projects that you can try at your home if you are a beginner. Not only will you be able to clean up the trash lying around your home, but you will also get a hands on your new sewing machine. And by achieving small things only, you can aim for bigger things.