singer 44s sewing machine side view

While the quality of Singer sewing machines is undisputed, it doesn’t mean that each and every one of them will suit your needs. In this review, I will examine the Singer 44S Classic Heavy Duty Sewing Machine. I will show you what is it capable of, to help you figure out if it is the right choice for you.

The Singer Corporation was founded in 1851 by Isaac Merritt Singer. Did you know that he was an engineer, inventor, actor and father to at least 24 children? His inventions revolutionized sewing machine industry. Singer became a synonym for quality sewing machines and it remained so to this day. Once you try a Singer sewing machine, chances are you will stick with them forever. But, let’s check out the Singer 44S.

Singer Classic 23-Stitch Heavy-Duty Mechanical Sewing Machine, 44S
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

General Characteristics

Singer 44S is a budget heavy duty home sewing machine. It is an excellent choice for beginners, although it can perform at a very high level. It is a very versatile sewing machine. Metal interior frame and stainless steel bed plate will allow you to use it for years to come. Even the plastic parts are made of durable plastic composites. It is a little bit small for a heavy duty sewing machine, but don’t let it fool you! It is a real workhorse, strong and durable.

singer 44s sewing machine side view
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This machine has a powerful motor to achieve high sewing speed. Versatility is probably the major advantage of this machine. You can make all kinds of clothes and take care of repairs, patches or alterations. It can go through denim or even canvas quite easy. On the downside, it is not suitable for decorative and embroidery stitches and projects. Well, this machine actually can perform in this department, it is just that the possibilities are limited.

Overall, it is one of the best affordable sewing machines. While it doesn’t have many bells and whistles, its sheer power and performance will make every user happy.


In-built Stitches

This machine has 23 in-built stitches. It includes basic, decorative and stretch stitches. These will allow you to perform a variety of tasks. It also comes with a fully automatic one-step buttonhole. First select stitch and pattern settings. After that, you have to put the button into the buttonhole foot and the machine will do the rest. The result is professional and consistent.

Automatic Needle Threader

This function is very handy. It will eliminate eye strain and save you some time.

Top Drop-In Bobbin

Jamming in the bobbin case area can be a nuisance. And running out of thread in the middle of the seam can drive you crazy. With the top drop-in bobbin it is not just easy to thread but also easy to see. The top drop-in bobbin is also jam-proof. Both bobbin and bobbin cover are transparent. This allows you to monitor your thread supply.

Drop Feed

Drop feed is a necessary feature for quilting and fashion sewing. You need to disengage feed dogs for free-motion sewing. To do so, you just have to slide the drop feed lever. When you finish your free motion work slide the lever back. One full turn of the handwheel will raise the feed dogs back.

Adjustable Stitch Length and Width

You can choose to have wider or narrower stitches. Maximum width is 6mm. As for length you can get creative and customize the appearance. You can use this feature to try various stitch techniques. For built-in stitches, you just have to set up the dial selector. Reverse stitching is available as well.

Presser Foot Pressure

Adjustable presser foot pressure is a necessary feature for many projects. Usually, you will need to adjust the pressure when you work with extreme materials. Well, not a really extreme, but very light or very heavy fabric.

Powerful Motor

A motor is the heart of the sewing machine. Singer 44S has a mighty motor for its class. It is supposed to be 60% stronger than motors in similar machines. Anyway, it will allow you to sew up to 1100 stitches per minute. This is mighty impressive for a low-end sewing machine.

More Features

There are three available needle positions for different sewing techniques. The LED light will illuminate your working area. It doesn’t produce heat, so it will stay cool. You can use a free arm for cuffs and sleeves. You need to remove the storage compartment to access the free arm, though.

sewing accessories


This Singer machine comes with 4 presser feet. General purpose foot will take care of most of your needs. Along with it, you will get buttonhole foot, zipper foot, and button sewing foot. All of the presser feet are snap-on to allow an easy replacement. Besides presser feet, you will get a pack of needles, bobbins, spool caps, auxiliary spool pin, and spool pin felt. Soft dust cover is useful as well. You will also get a screwdriver and seam ripper.

Overall Performance

Singer 44S is a mechanical sewing machine. So if you prefer fancy push-button operations, this machine is not for you. However, when it comes to performance, Singer 44S rules. It is powerful and goes easily through multiple layers of thick fabric. The machine is fast and stitches are impressive. It is a stable workhorse. Stainless steel bed plate provides a durable but smooth surface for perfect fabric feeding. This sewing machine is also very easy to use.

Final Verdict

It is necessary to weigh all of the elements to make a valid judgment. Performance, versatility, and durability are probably the essentials. However, price tag and targeted customers can raise or lower the bar. So, let’s not forget that Singer 44S is an affordable machine for entry and intermediate level sewists.

Considering the former Singer 44S sewing machine is nothing short of impressive. It is not fancy and it has some limitations. Probably, you will look for an upgrade as your skills and ambitions grow. But, it won’t happen any time soon.

Singer 44S is powerful, sturdy and performs great. It is versatile and most likely very durable. So, it can complete many different projects with impressive results. There is no doubt that it is an excellent choice for beginners. But, I believe that even advanced sewers would appreciate it for its performance and power.