This compact machine has the perfect look for anyone looking for a “cute” looking sewing machine. Made by Singer a high quality brand this machine has received numerous customer reviews, with the majority of them being quite positive. It’s a machine that is perfect for anyone that is just starting to learn how to sew as it comes preloaded with 30 different types of stitches for you to choose from. Featuring their “SwiftSmart” automatic threading system to make sewing an easy task for anyone, no matter the size or type of project you are on.

We will take a closer look now at this Sewing Machine and what you are getting with the Singer 8763.


Beneficial Features

  • One-Step Button Holes feature allows you to punch through your buttonholes like a professional with a press of a button.
  • Dual Needle set-up allows you to thread two parallel stiches allowing you some creative freedom and personal touch to your project.
  • Auto-Bobbin System is a necessity in today’s sewing world; this one works effectively and efficiently to make bobbin winding quick, and more importantly SAFE.
  • Feed Dogs only move in straight angles, giving you a steady hand to make perfectly straight stitches.
  • Carrying Handle built in giving you complete mobility with this machine, whether you want to move it around your home, or take it to a friends.

Our Experience


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    Included Instruction manual was easy to comprehend and apply to the machine.

  • The stitch selection was large and had useful stitches that can be used on a variety of different jobs.
  • Computerized system and settings made for a very easy operation and choosing of preset options.
  • Machine was able to handle any fabric we used heavy, thick, or light.
  • Came with a 25 year limited warranty—always a plus with a sewing machine.

Minor Disadvantages

  • The presser foot pedal that comes with the machine is preset with three different settings. This can be helpful most of the time but if you ever want to adjust them to any other setting, you can’t.
  • Twin Needle has to be purchased separately here at a low cost.
  • No case or soft cover included [you could sew one yourself though]

Our Bottom Line

The Singer 8763 is a quality sewing machine that can compliment anyone who loves to sew, whether you are a veteran seamstress or just starting out.
It is a great way to hone your skills, and learn the basic of sewing on and we would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start sewing.