With a price tag of around $1000, the Singer Futura XL-580 is a high-end sewing and embroidery machine. Although it’s a computerized model and packed with high-end features, the XL-580 is entirely suited to both beginners and more experienced sewers. Not only that but, since it comes with both sewing and embroidery features, it will help you save up on your expenses since you simply need to buy one machine, instead of two different ones. You can also use the machine to work on different types of projects designed for both home and business purposes.

Entirely computerized, the XL-580 even comes with a wide work surface designed to help you work with various fabric sizes. The wide work surface also guarantees a polished and professional finish since you can access the fabric from the perfect angle. Boasting of an extended number of built-in stitches and embroidery designs, this model will also help you bring some variety to your projects. Because of its computerized features, you can jump from feature to feature with no fiddling around- as is often the case with lower-quality pieces of sewing equipment.

Sewers will also appreciate the comfortable functions such as the knee lifter, multi-hoop capacity and the likes. This enables you to sew for longer periods of time with absolutely no discomfort. More experienced sewers will also enjoy the computerized functions which will help them connect their laptops or computers to the machine in no time at all.

As far as drawbacks are concerned, most users have been satisfied with the machine’s performance. Admittedly enough, a few did have a few complaints about it. For example, one person thought that the tension system was hard to adjust. Another customer also deplored the fact that her sewing and embroidery resulted in several broken needles. This, however, turned out to be an issue with the user’s sewing skills and experience and a quick call to customer care resolved this issue.

Other than these few drawbacks, the Singer Futura XL580 is a totally recommended purchase and is certain to leave any sewing enthusiast satisfied.

DoYouSew Review:

Embroidery Area: 5/5

When it comes to embroidery, users will be able to accommodate an oversized embroidery hoop that measures 10 by 16 inches, which is as wide as you’re likely to get and one of the main reasons why this particular model is one of the best embroidery machines on the market. Because of its multi-hoop capacity, users will be able to embroider designs of up to 18.5 x 11�?. To make things even more convenient, it includes 3 hoops of different sizes: 10 x 6″, 4 x 4″ and 6.75 x 4″, so, depending on the size your embroidery design, you’ll be able to use the hoop that delivers the best.

And when it comes to sewing, thanks to the machine’s wide surface area users won’t need to constantly fold their fabrics over: therefore, they can access their projects from easy and precise angles, which makes it a great machine for quilting. Because of the spacious work surface, you can easily use this machine to sew or embellish curtains, towels, napkins, bedsheets, pillowcases or even cushion and couch covers.

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

The Singer XL-580 is extremely simple to use- which is quite surprising considering its extended range of features. It includes various types of features that will help you easily find your way around the machine while exploring its different options. For example, it is equipped with an automatic needle threader that will enable you to simplify the task at hand: therefore, you only have to touch the backlit LCD screen to automatically inch the thread through the eye of the needle. Similarly, sewers can also swipe their finger across the LCD screen to automatically adjust the machine’s tension setting. The screen can even be used to adjust the needle position and hence use it for appliques, pivoting and other similar stitch placement angles.

Extra Features: 5/5

If you’re using your machine for business purposes, you will be glad to learn that it includes a bonus AutoPunch software that will help you convert images to embroidery in absolutely no time at all. This option is rendered even easier thanks to the handy USB cable which is included. With this particular model, you will benefit from no less than 250 built-in embroidery designs and 215 sewing stitches. Sewers can also enjoy 20 modern alphabet fonts for monogramming.

To enhance your comfort, it even includes an automatic bobbin thread pick-up feature. This largely simplifies and speeds up the sewing process. The machine comes with a clear cover designed to help users see the bobbin supply, hence allowing you to avoid snags and snares. Users who prefer to do their sewing at night will be thrilled to learn that the work area is equipped with six LED lights to provide you with optimal viewing. Thanks to the multi-hoop capacity, you can create smaller or larger-than-average designs. If you want to personalize your home accents, you can also make the most out of the XL580’s 20 fonts with outline lettering to print large bold letters on just about any type of fabric that you want.

Because of the USB port, sewers can connect their computer to the machine and consequently experience live software updates designed to improve the apparatus’ efficiency. The automatic thread cutter ensures convenience and comfort while enabling you to make clean cuts to both the bottom and top thread. Since it comes with a knee lifter, you can enjoy a comfortable and hands-free sewing experience. This also leaves your hands free to concentrate on more complicated projects like quilting, embroidering and appliqueing.

Overall: 5/5

With a heavy-duty metal frame, the Singer Futura XL-580 can easily be used on an everyday basis. Thanks to its wide array of features, it’s great for both embroidery and regular sewing, which makes it an amazing investment. Granted, it can be a bit tricky to be switching from sewing mode to embroidery mode on a regular basis, thus users that already own a good sewing machine might be better served by an embroidery-only model such as the Brother PE770 and the Janome MC300E, though they’re not packed with nearly as many embroidery designs as the XL-580.