singer talent 3323

Singer Talent 3323 Sewing Machine

 Is it possible that the Singer Talent 3323 is the perfect balance between features and user-friendliness, which is vital when you’re just starting out with sewing?

I needed this combination of characteristics at the start of my sewing journey! I wanted to know all about the hobby, but one can get overwhelmed quite quickly with a mass of information and machine features. Do you want to enjoy and explore your talent without having too much to cope with at once? 

The Singer Talent 3323 is being sold as an entry-level machine that doesn’t compromise on capabilities. Is this what you’re looking for?

SINGER | Talent 3323 Portable Sewing Machine including 23 Built-In Stitches, Automatic Needle Threader, Top Drop-in Bobbin and Bonus Fashion Accessories
  • SINGER SEWING MACHINE: The SINGER Talent 3323S portable sewing machine features 23 built-in stitches, a built-in 1-step buttonhole and a heavy-duty metal frame making sewing creative projects fun and easy
  • AUTOMATIC NEEDLE THREADER: Threading the machine is so easy that you can have the entire machine threaded, from the spool to the needle’s eye, in seconds. The built-in needle threader threads the eye of the needle for you, eliminating eye strain and frustration

Product Overview: The Singer Talent 3323

To confirm, the Singer Talent 3323 is an entry-level model from the trusted brand, so firstly you don’t have to worry about the quality of the unit. Just know that for more advanced projects and if you’ve been sewing for a while, this machine may be too basic for you and it won’t work for commercial use.

For anyone still finding their feet in sewing, the Singer 3323 is a wise option to get started with. It will help you discover what sewing is all about. You can enjoy exploring activities such as different stitch widths, many stitch functions, and of course how to thread your machine without it getting too complicated.

This is a well-priced machine but don’t think you’re getting low-end quality. Singer uses smart design approaches, so you get features such as handy storage and a free arm.

The unit has a sturdy frame and the purchase comes with many accessories. You’re set to enjoy multiple projects from the moment you unbox it. You can then look forward to long-term enjoyment of your new sewing appliance, thanks to Singer’s long warranty cover. 

Buying Guide: What to Consider when Buying an Entry Level Sewing Machine

Evolving technology means the market has many sewing machine options but it won’t do to simply pick the best or most expensive. You need to find one appropriate for your shopping needs. As a beginner, look at the following.

Your Hobby Now and in Future

It’s smart to start off with an entry level machine, since advanced models may be too complicated or have features you’ll never use. An entry level model helps you discover what you want in a sewing machine.

Also consider the future of sewing in your life because you won’t be a beginner forever. If you know you’ll be sewing for additional income for years to come, it must be durable enough to handle the workload. For uncomplicated hobby projects for yourself, you can go for a simpler design.

Your Budget

Don’t feel you need to break your budget to get the machine you need. Do your research thoroughly and between all the models out there, you’ll find one that has the right features at the right price.

The Machine’s Features and Capabilities

What type of features will you need for the projects you’re planning? Look at specifications such as stitch options and whether it can make buttonholes to know whether it will help you reach your sewing goals. Also, don’t invest in a machine with features you’ll never use.

Machine Quality

It won’t do to purchase low quality just to get a low price tag. Low quality machines may break easily and you’ll have to replace or repair it, incurring more expenses. Rather pay a little more for quality. It’s smart to buy from established manufacturers whom you know only produce durable machines.

Your Sewing Setup

Ask yourself a few practical questions before you buy. This helps create a list of sewing machine characteristics that will suit your lifestyle and how you’ll use your machine:

    What is the size of your work area?

    Must it be light enough to carry to classes?

    Should it be less bulky to easily take from storage because you don’t have a surface to place it permanently?

Singer Talent 3323 Features & Benefits

If you’re now wondering if the Singer Talent 3323 sewing machine is your best possible investment, here’s the details to compare with your priority list.


The Singer 3323 comes from a market-leading brand, so there’s no question: you’re buying a trustworthy machine.

The sewing machine’s free arm design means you can use this for fixing clothes, making it a practical investment for families. Do you need to hem pants, fix a cuff or collar or adjust another part of a piece of clothing? The free arm gives easy access, even for hard-to-reach places, by simply moving the garment to the right spot. 

Thanks to a presser foot that lifts very high, it’s easy to remove or insert even multiple layers of fabric at a time. Singer also makes it easy to keep your work area tidy with the built-in storage unit.

Specifications & Components

Here are a few helpful specs to look forward to:

    Tension is adjustable

    The presser foot’s adjustments can happen automatically depending on the fabric you’re working with

    To change presser feet you don’t need tools because they simply snap on

Easy Threading

Threading is often the most daunting part of working with a sewing machine but it’s easy with this model.

The Singer Talent 3323 sewing machine has an automatic needle threader, so you’ll save time and lots of frustration. If you’re battling with bad eyesight, this offers a quick solution so you can still enjoy your hobby. 

Monitoring your thread is also easy, thanks to the clear cover over the top drop-in bobbin. You won’t run out of thread in the middle of a project if you just keep an eye on this component. 

1-Step Buttonhole Maker

The buttonhole maker is proof that even though this is an entry-level machine, it can still impress. With this more advanced feature, you can deliver quality work for your household—or a client—and each buttonhole will be the same as the next. It’s fully automated, so the Singer 3323 enhances the workmanship you can deliver.

Stitch and Thread Features

You don’t want to limit yourself too much when picking a sewing machine because you’ll want to play around with different stitches. The Singer 3323 allows you this freedom in many ways.

Firstly, there are 23 stitch options built into the machine. Selecting your preferred one is as simple as turning a dial, so there are no complicated methods to learn. Some people prefer a digital approach with a screen to select stitches, while others appreciate fully mechanical machines such as this one. This is up to personal preference, but I personally think this is a user-friendly work method.

Your stitch options include:

    Basic stitches: 6

    Decorative stitches: 12

    Stretch options: 4

    Fully automatic: 1

There’s also the buttonhole, discussed above.

Apart from picking a stitch, you can adjust its length or width, which opens up even more ways to get creative with your sewing. Width can be as much as 5mm. This is of course also important to ensure your fabric doesn’t bunch up. For different projects you can adjust the position of the needle, making it easier to add something like a zipper. 

For more decorative projects you can add an additional needle, just another example of helpful extras included in this entry-level model.


You’ll save some money on other purchases because your Singer Talent 3323 sewing machine comes with various accessories:

    Different presser feet: All-purpose, zipper, buttonhole, button sewing

    Bobbins and spool caps


    Darning plate

    Screwdriver (L-type)

    Spool pin

    Spool pin felt

    Lint brush

    Quilting guide

To look after your machine and optimize your sewing, the brand includes a handy machine cover, manual, and even a DVD to coach you.

Price and Warranty

Singer gives this machine a warranty cover of up to 25 years on the model’s machine head. That makes it ideal for serious hobbyists who want to enjoy this activity long-term. It also carries a fairly affordable price tag. Even if you’re not sure if this is the hobby for you, you can try it out on an impressive model without breaking the bank.

On the electrical parts you’ll have a 2-year warranty and for any labor, 3-month cover applies.

Pros & Cons


    Easy for beginners to thread and use

    Automatic buttonhole creator

    25-year warranty on machine head

    23 stitch options

    Instruction DVD included

    Well priced


    Can’t use for heavy-duty work

    Heavier than some other entry-level machines


What’s the Verdict?

As with any hobby or activity, the tools you use often determine how much you’ll enjoy it. Planning on doing more sewing? Get it right the first time with a simple, yet dynamic entry-level sewing machine. The Singer Talent 3323 is well worth your consideration.

I was impressed with the construction and long warranty, as well as the helpful extras such as automatic buttonhole making. And with features like the press on feet and simple threading path, sewing couldn’t be simpler.

Ready to enjoy your hobby more than ever before?


How do you insert a top drop-in bobbin?

To add a bobbin, you must raise your machine’s needle to its highest setting. Then you can remove the cover plate and simply place the bobbin inside. Make sure it will turn counterclockwise when pulling on the thread. Now pull the thread through the slot and while holding the bobbing in place with one finger, take the thread to the back of the machine. Let it run underneath the foot. Cover the bobbin securely with the cover plate.

Does my Singer machine require oiling?

You must maintain Singer machines by lubricating them with sewing machine oil. Remember to unplug it and raise the needle before you do this. You can also let professionals service your machine once in a while.