Do you struggle with getting the perfect fit, even though you have an adjustable dress form in your size? You’re not alone. As if it weren’t bad enough that the fashion industry tries to stuff us all into 10 measly different sizes. We can’t even fit our own clothes on a dummy that’s shaped just right. Even adjustable models can’t always get a perfect fit without a little help.

There are a couple of solutions to this problem, the first being to make yourself a duct-tape dummy. I’ve written about why I don’t like this solution before. But I just came across an ingenious product that makes changing shape and size on any dress form a breeze – Fabulous Fit Dress Form System

Dress Form System
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As any seamstress knows, just because the size is right doesn’t mean the shape is right, especially for us curvy gals with generous bust and hips. So, we cut up foam and tape it on, trying to get just the right shape. It’s messy, and not great if we have to keep changing sizes to sew for clients. Well this handy little system makes getting a perfect fit really easy.

How it works:

The system comes with a variety of anatomically shaped pads and two stretchy covers to hold the pads in place. All you have to is slip the cover over your dress form and then slide the pads in place until you get the perfect silouette. That’s it! Piece of cake.

Although Fabulous Fit does sell their own dress dummies, the system works on any brand or model, including Dritz, Uniquely You, Singer, PGM and the rest.

Who should use this system?

Anyone who has a hard time fitting themselves.

Fabulous Fit Dress Form Padding System review
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“I never thought that I could make my dress form look like me. My body is curvy and I wear a size 14-16., so I didn’t think it was going to be easy to create a duplicate of my body. Alas, I was wrong! I had to alter a few areas, but in the end it paid off. It was possible to do it from my Dritz adjustable dress form. Easy to learn and use. Definitely worth it! “ Sabrina Soto, Brooklyn NY (source: Amazon)

Anyone who doesn’t want to do multiple fittings when sewing for others.

“I work on several sizes from 2 to 18 and there is no need for my clients to have more than one fitting. I highly recommend it. It will save you hours of fitting frustration.” –Aelicia (source: Amazon)

Anyone who changes sizes now and then.

“I have one, too and love it because I can change it when my body changes. I seem to be shifting weight lately for some reason–no weight gain or loss, and I know I can adjust my dress form to conform.” OP (source:

Professionals who want to look like a genius to their clients.

“I sew for a living and wish I would have found this system twenty years ago!! It saves my customers the trouble of having to put up with a lot of fittings and it makes me look like a great dressmaker because the dress fits the first time.”–Lainee (source: Amazon)

Can you use a little extra help getting a perfect fit?

I know these little babies are going on a hook right next to my fitting area, so they’re always within reach. It usually has the best price on these dress form pads. And I know for me, it’s a small price to pay for easy, happy fittings every time.
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