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Whenever I start learning a new skill, I get a little bit overwhelmed. I have never lacked imagination but sometimes it can work against me. Sometimes, I can see countless projects in the future, but then I get scared and wonder if I would ever master the skill enough to do those projects. I fear that I am too slow and it would take forever to become skillful. It is a little bit ridiculous, I know. But, why am I sharing this with you? Because I have heard similar stories from people who were new to crochet. 

So, if you feel awkward, or clumsy, or slow, don’t worry, you are not alone. Actually, most of us had to go through that stage. The best way to get rid of the anxiety or any other bad feeling is to focus on your first project. And then the next one, and the next one, and so on. You will be surprised how quickly you will improve if you don’t think about it and focus on your projects instead. When you learn your first stitches don’t ask yourself are you good enough. Ask yourself what project you should choose first.


Why You Will Love Crochet

I don’t know if you can visualize myriads of future projects as I do. But, crochet is not just about garments, afghans, or fashion accessories that you’ll make. After all, you can buy any of these. Okay, you can save some money if you make it. But, I don’t think that anyone crochets only to save a couple of bucks. It is just a bonus.

People love to crochet for the same reason they enjoy other crafts and arts. Some of the joy comes from the process itself. It is satisfying to practice the skill that you have mastered. As a result of your work, the fabric is changing in front of your eyes. You start with a hook and yarn and end up with a beautiful and useful item. Well, not necessarily, but that’s the idea.

girl with crochet scarf patterns on her neck

This brings us to the next level of satisfaction: watching your creation. Even if it’s not very pretty, the fact that you made something must make you feel proud. This feeling is stronger when you create something with your own hands. It was not some machine that has done the hardest parts, it was the work of your hands.

We live in busy and stressful times. Handicrafts are great to relieve stress and create a sense of calmness and tranquility. Some people go to yoga classes, or exercise, others take pills to deal with the modern lifestyle. Apart from pills, all these activities are fine to release the tension. But, knitting and crochet will help you relax while creating a useful thing or a piece of art.

These are just a few out of many reasons why we love the art of crochet. So, if you are not patient enough at the start of your journey, remember these reasons and keep practicing.

Where to Look for Crochet Scarf Patterns

Crochet, knitting, and hand sewing are old crafts but it was the internet that allowed them to thrive and blossom, now more than ever. Whenever you get stuck or you have any dilemma, you can get help in a matter of minutes, potentially from any part of the globe. So, you can find almost anything you need on the internet, including crochet scarf patterns. Crochet communities, forums, online stores, you really can’t run out of options here. So, let’s see what are the easiest ways to find some great patterns, ideas, and instructions.

Easy and Fast Way – Online Stores

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For starters, it seems like you can buy anything you can think of on Amazon. It is probably the first place to look for anything. So, you can find some crochet patterns there as well. If you have a Kindle device or a free Kindle app you also have access to a vast number of books, booklets, and patterns with great discounts.There are numerous free editions as well. Most of the products have both paperback and Kindle edition

This is one example of a nice book or e-book with scarf patterns and projects for beginners: Amazing Crochet Patterns And Projects

You can find countless crochet scarf patterns here.

Also, you can find a lot of guides and tutorials with patterns. Check it out, it can help you to improve through projects of your choice depending on your preferences, seasons, etc.

If you want to move on from scarves to shawls here are some great ideas: 16 Crochet Shawl Patterns: DIY Clothing You’ll Love

You can also search for patterns on different e-commerce websites such as Etsy. Etsy is focused on craft supplies, tools, handmade gifts and so on. So, you can find a lot of tools and accessories there as well as patterns.

Online Forums, Websites, and Blogs

Crochet forums and communities are quite common on the internet, nowadays. Those are places where you can share all kinds of experiences. And that is always helpful, isn’t it? You can find a lot of patterns there as well. Ravelry is an online knit and crochet community where you can find a lot of patterns and useful posts. Anyone can join, and registration is free and simple. All you need to do is to enter your email address and choose a username. This is what you are going to find there if you search for scarf patterns

Furthermore, there are zillions of craft and DIY sites and blogs on the internet, that will offer some great ideas and scarf patterns among other things. I will give you just an example to see what I am talking about. Check out Cute DIY Projects.

Final Thoughts

We can talk, describe, analyze, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to practice. Of course, it is useful to follow some basic guidelines, but it is all dry and barren until you take matters into your own hands. And I mean it literally. So, now you know how to find patterns, and it is time to get hooked!